Ever have a time when you suddenly realize that things were not quite what you thought they were? When someone you thought had just kinda written you off or didn't care thought the same thing about you. Sometimes we can all be guilty of not looking at things from anything but our own perspective, and often times we are not seeing the whole picture. When I realized that I had hurt someone and that they thought I didn't care about them I felt really devastated. I also felt really hurt that they never said anything. I was disappointed in myself because I feel like I should have made a better effort to stay in communication. But ultimately its a two way street and they didn't make the effort either. Though it could also be my hormones talking who knows. Sometimes we all feel a little needy and I know right now I am, and extremely sensitive. I am hoping that as hormone production moves more to the placenta I might feel a little bit less delicate.


  1. Don't beat your self up. The fact that you felt devastated by this situation shows that you truly do care and did not intentionally do anything wrong. I hope the hormones let of for you :) Being aware is the best thing you can be sometimes!!!

  2. Oh man, yeah. I think sometimes it's easier to just walk away than to confront the actual issue. I think you and I both know a little about that. Time heals a lot but sometimes before that happens there ends up being the "coming to a head" moment and it has to be addressed... Sometimes that is really painful. I don't know what you're refering to here, but give yourself a little slack. You've had an awful lot go on in the last year and I imagine a few of the thousand or so balls you juggle got dropped. It happens. Those who love you the most will forgive and move on, those who hold a grudge maybe weren't who you thought they were anyway.

    Keep your head up. You're a great friend and I don't know what I would do without you. <3