What's the happs?

Man the last week has been quite the whirlwind. After getting a bfp and actually believing that this is actually IT life has been pretty good. The symptoms are starting to creep in; boobs are killing me, sooo tired, and extremely regular nausea. Now trust me I am NOT complaining about any of this, at the moment it gives me a sense of comfort that the little crablet is in there growing away...I will save my bitching for the discomfort of third tri...but right now it just is, and it's awesome. I will have my progesterone checked again on Monday just to be sure levels are still looking good then 1st ultrasound on March 22 (why yes it IS an eternity away!).

This last week my puppy went to be spayed and she also had her very floppy rear dew claws removed. I feel a little badly saying this but I take great humor in watching her giant cone head run around the back yard. She also killed my old laptop this week and I have now gotten a new one. It is bringing with it a bit of transition as it is a PC and I have been using a MAC for about 4 years. At the moment I am regretting my choice, but I know it is really just a transitional period...I'll make it. This weekend work also starts on the pumpkin patch! So excited! This year we are putting in a raised bed and fencing it in (to keep the dogs out and therefore pumpkins uneaten). We are hopeful that everything we plant will be 2nd generation from the patch that we grew last year. If you knew us IRL then you would know that pumpkins hold a special place in our heart. Last year was the 1st time we were able to have our own patch and it was very special to me as I spent so much time working in it while working through the pain of pregnancy loss. It was really important to me to save those seeds and nurture them again this year in memory of that time. I guess that's all the jumble I have for today...Have a great weekend!

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  1. Congratulations Again - I hope everything goes great on March 22nd :)